Leader’s Voice is changing the face of leadership.

Leader’s Voice is helping women and organizations realize and harness the power of gender diverse leadership. We provide a variety of services to organizations and individuals to foster women in leadership. Our aim is to champion equality as well as the success and growth of your personal career or greater organization.

Did you know?

It’s no secret that women are underrepresented in leadership roles, but let’s look at some moving facts.


of global venture dollars are invested in woman-led startups


of Fortune 500 CEOs are women.


of heads of state are women.


of women feel they have been discriminated against at work.

The under-representation of women in leadership is a cultural, social and educational issue. Leader's Voice is designed to address all three challenges by revamping corporate culture, creating supportive female communities, and providing women with insights and tools that allow them to maximize their impact.

Fatima ZulqarnainFounder

Our Services

Interactive Courses

Interactive courses that coach your teams on leadership and inclusion using the latest research findings and their practical applications.

Bespoke Advisory

Bespoke consulting services crafted to address your organization’s leadership and inclusion hurdles.

Immersive Retreats

Immersive women’s retreats that utilize the latest research findings to equip women with the most effective tools to rise to greater heights.

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